How Cool is the Fender Jazzmaster?

31/03/2016 Main

Is the Fender Jazzmaster the Coolest Guitar in History? Read more

Blue Eyed Soul

11/03/2016 Main

March marks the anniversary of the death of soul icon Dusty Springfield. Dusty is one of my favourite all-time artists. Her sensational and distinctive mezzo soprano voice is the kind that gives you goose bumps and brings a tear to your eye.  Born in 1939, Dusty’s career spanned from the late 1950s right through to the 1990s until, sadly, she lost her life to breast cancer on March 2nd 1999. Read more

Fender Telecaster

11/02/2016 Main

Hey everybody and welcome back to Bazza’s blog on music. I have covered a few different topics so far, from anticipated new albums to fridges that look like amplifiers for your studio. I haven’t spoken about any real musical instruments yet though and I thought it is about time that I do. The fact that I wanted a fridge that looked like  a Marshall amplifier should give you a clue about what kind of instruments I am into most… Yep you probably guessed it, guitars! And mostly guitars of the electric variety. I have always loved the sound of the great guitar players banging out their iconic riffs and nothing sounds better than a gritty lead electric guitar being shredded by the best players in the business. Read more

A great discover : Ibrahim Maalouf

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The best portables speakers

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Soulful House

28/01/2016 Main

More often than not people hear the phrase house music and their ears coil over. They pull up images of hard-core, thumping beats that only the high on acid ravers amongst us can really handle (because they don’t know what they are listening to I presume.) Not only this but the word house has been used and abused for years with people associating it with the likes of Garage and Dubstep which are frankly pretty damn awful. To many though House music is more than just a sound it is a feeling and really can lift your spirit (a natural kind of high!). There is a soulful and melodic side to house music which makes it the respected genre that it is today. It is music that is easy on the ears, romantic, sometimes funky, and very playful. If you haven’t heard of or listened to such a thing then I suggest you do right this second (seriously go to YouTube right now!). Anyway, for those of you who are two damn lazy to do any research of your own (I guess that’s why I’m here after all) here is my little introduction to something known as Funky, Afro or Soulful House… Read more

Small Fridge for Studio

25/01/2016 Main

Alright guys, it’s Bazza here again, I’m going to be bringing you something a little bit different this week. It does relate to music loosely in some way but really it’s about what fridge I should buy, for the studio that my friends and I are building. It’s my task to, would you believe it, to kit out the studio with some of the essentials. I’ve already got the microwave, and I didn’t spend too much on that because then it would free up some of the budget to be left for the important stuff, like where to store the beer! :D As musicians it’s important that we are properly hydrated (with beer) at all times. We are restricted on space so it’s going to be a small fridge, but hopefully one that packs a bit of power so that those cans of beer go cold as quickly as possible! Read more

More Pop Albums Expected in 2016

11/01/2016 Main

So its Baz here again for a continuation if you like of my last post, which I hope you enjoyed. So we were looking at what albums are hotly anticipated for 2016. Here’s a few more names you might be looking forward to seeing more from over the next 12 months. Read more

Most Anticipated Pop Albums of 2016

07/01/2016 Main

OK, so I’m a fan of a lot of genres. Yes, sometimes I can’t help but sing along to the latest cheesy pop song, sometimes I like to rock out to punk or heavy metal and love listening to acoustic sets. I could go on, it’s whatever mood I’m in really as to what music I’ll enjoy at the time. I remember when I lost my mom, I had a classical CD that I’d listen to and although it was kind of sad, the beauty of the pieces and the story they told, seemed very fitting at the time. When I’m clubbing then dance music, mainly trance or hard-house, are definitely what I’d want to be raving to. If I’m having a meal, then a bit of mellow instrumentals in the background suit me nice. Read more

Intro to Bazza's Blog

01/01/2016 Main

How’s it going everyone, this is Bazza, welcome to my music blog. Well I think most of you would agree that music is pretty damn important. It helps you get through the tough times and helps you enjoy the good times so out of respect for music, I thought I’d write this blog. Please jump in and get involved. I just want to talk music, whatever that may be. Right, I’ll be back around soon for my first entry. Cheers Guys, Read more